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About SFL

School of Foreign Languages (SFL), the main undertaker of language teaching for undergraduates at SIT, has altogether 84 faculty members. Among them, 76 are full-time teachers with 3 full professors, 24 associate professors and 40 lecturers.

With the support from the university, SFL spared no efforts on brain gain and retain by recruiting capable teachers with senior professional titles and encouraging the in-service teachers to study for the doctorate and master’s degree. The praiseworthy attempts have been rewarded by the building of a strong corps of proficient teachers with rational title and age proportion, preparing well for the fast growth of SFL.

Now the teachers with the doctoral and master’s degree account for 86.8%, 2 being doctorate degree holders, 2 being doctorate students and 64, master’s degree holders. 36 teachers have had the experience of studying abroad as visiting scholars and 4 professors have been the external master’s mentors of other colleges and universities.

SFL offers two specialties: English and German, with four years’ graduates of English majors and two years’ undergraduates of German majors. At present, the enrollment amounts to 411 students, 1 overseas student from Japan.

The English department has set up two programs: The Foreign Trade Program and The International Convention and Meeting Program. To cultivate students into the talents with mastery of language, humanity quality and professional knowledge, SFL has endeavored to teach students good at language learning and application as well as equipped with humanistic and pragmatic knowledge necessary for career success, with the purpose to shape the graduates into the first class staff proficient in language application in such fields as the international affairs, foreign trade, cultural exchange and education.

The great efforts have already been paid back by the outstanding performances of the English majors in the extracurricular activities. Three students captured the special prize and first prizes in the ECNU-ACC Cup--China-Australia Friendship English Contests. Three English majors gained the first awards in NECCS (National English Contest for College Students). In addition, the excellent service and dedication of the students in the Special Olympics have won the great honor for the school and attracted wide media coverage by the CCTV, Shanghai TV and Dragon TV.

In recent years, the reforms in English teaching and research have been conducted to the full swing. As a result, hundreds of research papers were published in the national core journals and the SFL was enlisted into the “Key Disciplines of SIT” in 2008. Meanwhile, the participation in the Pilot Project of the Undergraduate Education Highland has had such fruits as the publications of articles in foreign magazines and The Report on Development of China’s Convention & Exhibition Economy, a series of books published annually since 2006 as the Blue Book of China’s Convention & Exhibition Economy. They are the proud products of the joint effort between the professors of SFL and those from Politecnico Di Milano of Italy.  

In the light of the principle “evolving SIT into the first-class application-oriented polytechnic” and in accordance with the demands of the language teaching and research reform, the whole faculty are always ready to do an even better job in their work for the bright future of SFL.